Thomas Aquinas


Distinction 1: The sacraments in general
Distinction 2: Prerequisites for the sacraments of the New Law
Distinction 3: Baptism itself
Distinction 4: The effect of baptism on recipients
Distinction 5: The minister of baptism
Distinction 6: Who may fittingly baptize
Distinction 7: Confirmation
Distinction 8: The Eucharist
Question 1: Requisites for the Eucharist
Article 1: The sacramentality, unicity, and names of the Eucharist
Article 2: On the prefiguration of this sacrament
Article 3: The necessity of instituting this sacrament, and at what time
Article 4: Whether this sacrament may be licitly received by those who are not fasting
Distinction 9: The use of the sacrament of the Eucharist
Distinction 10: That the true body of Christ is contained under this sacrament
Distinction 11: The changing of bread into the body of Christ
Distinction 12: What is only sacrament, and what is only reality
Distinction 13: The ministers of this sacrament
Distinction 14: The power of forgiving sins
Distinction 15: The integral parts of repentance
Question 3: Fasting
Article 1: Whether Isidore appropriately defines fasting
Article 2: Whether all are obliged without dispensation to keep the fast instituted by the Church
Article 3: Whether times such as these ought to be determined for fasting, as those instituted by the Church
Article 4: Whether the fast is broken by two meals
Distinction 16: The essential parts of repentance
Distinction 17: Questions about confession
Distinction 18: The power of the keys
Distinction 19: Who has the power of the keys
Distinction 20: The time of repentance
Distinction 21: Questions about repentance
Distinction 22: The forgiveness of sins
Distinction 23: The sacrament of anointing
Distinction 24: Sacred orders
Distinction 25: Ordination by heretics
Distinction 26: Marriage: institution and purpose
Distinction 27: The essentials of marriage
Distinction 28: Whether sworn intent constitutes marriage
Distinction 29: Force impedes consent
Distinction 30: Error that impedes consent
Distinction 31: The three goods of marriage
Distinction 32: When abstention is licit
Distinction 33: Various laws about marriage
Distinction 34: Legitimacy of children
Distinction 35: Man and wife are bound by the same law
Distinction 36: When separation is licit
Distinction 37: The impediment of ordination
Distinction 38: The impediment of vow
Distinction 39: The impediment of disparity of cult
Distinction 40: The impediment of physical or spiritual relationship
Distinction 41: The impediment of affinity
Distinction 42: Spiritual affinity
Distinction 43: Resurrection and judgment
Distinction 44: The age and size of the risen
Distinction 45: Suffrages for the dead
Distinction 46: Whether the very evil can receive any mitigaton of punishment
Distinction 47: The sentence of judgment
Distinction 48: The form of the judgment
Distinction 49: The various abodes of heaven and hell
Question 1: Beatitude
Question 2: The vision of God
Distinction 50: Whether the evil in hell can sin