Prior’s Message for Giving Tuesday

This “Giving Tuesday” please consider supporting the Priory of the Immaculate Conception at the Dominican House of Studies through our online donation portal. As part of our mission of preaching the Gospel for the salvation of souls, the Priory provides the environment where the friars live and pray together in imitation of the Apostles (cf. Acts 4:32) according to the form of life given to us by St. Dominic.

If you’ve visited the Chapel at the Dominican House of Studies, you know that its splendor lies not only in the beautiful woodwork and marvelous stained glass windows, but above all in the Blessed Sacrament reserved on the high altar and the community of young friars that Our Lord has gathered around Himself. The House of Studies isn’t simply a structure. Rather, it is a home where God is praised throughout the day, where Christian hearts find solace, where searching minds find the light of Truth, and where the soul is renewed by grace.

Please consider helping to sustain our community, our chapel, and our way of life with a gift this “Giving Tuesday” and know that whether large or small, every donation is received with heartfelt gratitude and, God willing, will contribute to our mission of renewing the world through the light of the Gospel.

Thank you,
Fr. Gregory Schnakenberg, OP
Prior, Dominican House of Studies

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