Consecrated to a life of prayer, we friars follow the example of St. Dominic, who both at home and on the road, day and night, remained diligent in offering Mass and praying the Divine Office with great devotion. According to the desire of St. Dominic, the common and solemn celebration of the liturgy endures as a principal duty of our vocation.

In the liturgy, especially in the Eucharist, the mystery of salvation is present and at work in the brethren. This mystery informs all of our other prayer, especially our contemplation. From the heart of our prayer, then, the mystery of salvation remains the focus of our preaching. With a zeal for souls shaped by prayer, we Dominicans desire that others too may be incorporated into Christ through the teachings of the Church and the sacraments of faith.

Together with Christ, the brethren glorify God for the eternal plan of his will, which is manifest in the wonderful orders of nature and grace. In choir, the brethren also plead with the Father of mercies for the needs of the Church and the salvation of the world.

The faithful are invited to join the community daily for the celebration of Holy Mass, the recitation of the rosary, and the chanting of the Divine Office, which includes Lauds (Morning Prayer), Midday Prayer, the Office of Readings, Vespers (Evening Prayer), and Compline (Night Prayer). The priory’s horarium, or prayer schedule, is reproduced below.

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Office of Readings / Lauds 8:30am
Mass 11:15am
Rosary 5:20pm
Vespers 5:40pm
Compline 9:00pm

Monday – Friday

Mass and Lauds 7:00am
Rosary 12:00pm
Midday Prayer 12:15pm
Office of Readings / Vespers 5:30pm
Compline  (Monday–Thursday) 9:00pm


Mass and Lauds 8:00am
Office of Readings / Midday Prayer 12:00pm
Rosary 5:20pm
Vespers 5:40pm


This schedule remains in effect during the academic year. Slight adjustments are made to it on holy days, over the Christmas break, and during the summer months. At these times, please see the News section of this website for updates. Or, receive all updates in your inbox by visiting the homepage here and registering for our newsletter.

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